Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day, because it is an opportunity every year for me to sit back and think about what it really means to me to be a mother. My three boys bring a joy into my life that is hard to put into words. But I know that whenever I witness Daniel's passion for music (even though his taste in music makes me crazy), Lucas' extreme love for the people around him or Michael caressing my face and telling me he loves me, the feeling I have is undescribable.

Those little boys are a piece of me and I'm still in awe everytime I say to one of them "I grew you from scratch"! The last three years have been crazy, but those boys have always been my rocks, the reason I got up every morning and the reason I always knew it was going to be okay. I am blessed as a mother; blessed that the universe saw fit to allow me to raise these beautiful creatures...and I always know that...even when it's 9:30pm and the giggling won't stop or the fighting continues...I am blessed!

Being a mother is the single most important thing I will ever do in my life. Isn't it incredible that we all study so hard and work so hard to achieve a career when the most important task in life requires no training other than to learn as you go? Truth be told, I have learned more from the boys than I believe that they have learned from me. I have learned patience. I've learned that to truly listen you must stop what you are doing and look someone in the eye. I've learned that a real strong embrace can fix almost anything. I've learned that I don't always have to agree with someone's opinions to respect them. And truly, truly I have learned love. A kind of love that means my heart is always on my sleeve, love that means every time I hear a siren my heart skips a beat and a love that knows there is nothing I couldn't forgive. I am blessed.

I've said it many times before throughout this blog and in my life...but I am always aware that my greatest blessing has been the blessing of being a mommy to three wonderful and amazing boys. Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. Ana, that was beautifully said and so true. Being a mother is for life, you will always be there fir your kids no matter how old they are. You are always needed in some capacity.