Thursday, 5 June 2014

Happy Days are Here Again!

I really have to get a little better at doing this more often; so much can change in the span of six months. I’ve been very happily (and busily) acclimatizing myself to my new job, which I absolutely love. And today it dawned on me that in my career I didn’t follow one of my most basic principals in life, when you aren’t comfortable in a part in your life it’s because that particular part of your life is no longer serving you. I worked for a great company, I knew that it was a great company, but I really didn’t want to be there. I would go home on Friday grateful that the week was over, but by Saturday morning I would be fretting about the weekend being over and having to head back to a job that left me miserable and unfulfilled. I worked with great people, but the role was not right for me. And I think in the end that I had outgrown the organization all together and it was time for me to shake things up. Everything was making me miserable; I was just a giant ball of stress in every single part of my life and I really wasn’t enjoying anything anymore.

So I started a new job towards the end of the March, not that it was easy to find the right job; it took a lot of effort and time. And now it isn’t just that I’m happier Monday to Friday during business hours, I’m happier all the time. I feel so much less anxiety about the boys and the noise and the mechanics of raising them. And I know that as a mother when I start to feel that way that they feel it too and everything seems to settle. So if you flip back to those earlier blogs where I write about not feeling comfortable in your space, I hope some of you took my advice because obviously I did not take my own advice.

Life is short, and most of us need to earn an income, but we don’t need to spend time working somewhere that doesn’t fulfil us and make us feel like what we contribute is of significance. I would never again put myself in a place where I felt that way because now I know that it impacts my entire life.

So today, I’m encouraging anyone who is feeling that discomfort to sort out what part of your life is causing it and to fix it. I sleep better, I eat better and I’m so much better balanced when I can put in my day and feel good about it. Onwards and upwards, lesson learned. Now I can truly enjoy the weekends without giving a second thought to the fact that the weekend will be over in two days; and that is a good thing.

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