Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I feel blessed that I have the gift of a New Year to continue on my quest to get on path in my life.  Late in the year my Blackberry Messenger had a quote by the famous author Paolo Coelho, it was around not forgetting in 2012 that our dreams are not for sale.  Instead of making resolutions this year, I’ve simply resolved to get my life back on path and to remember that my dreams are valuable and that the only person who stops me from reaching for them is me.  I hope that this year instead of making resolutions in your own lives that you simply resolve to live the life that you were each meant to live authentically and to follow your own dreams. 
My own journey to get on path has sadly hit a bit of a derailment.  The place on my path where I am right now feels difficult, this isn’t the life that I imagined for myself and I’m still struggling with the fact that I am not entirely sure of what the future will look like for me.  Which of course tells me that I’m not on path; that right now my life feels awkward and I don’t feel like I’m at peace tells me that I’m far off path and the goal over the next month is to try to find a way to get back on.  For me that means yoga; an opportunity to rest my body and my mind and reconnect with my spiritual side.
Change in our lives can be conscious or unconscious and in the first few days of this year I had the opportunity to think about where I am in my journey and realized that I’ve changed quite significantly in the past two years.  Not all those changes have been for the better. I’ve lost some of my patience; not just patience with others but patience in my own self.  As someone who has always been rather pragmatic, I find that I’ve become “wishy-washy”; afraid of decisions, afraid of new challenges.  I’ve become so preoccupied with what I might do wrong or what I might miss that perhaps I’m missing out on entire opportunities that are coming into my life.  So I guess that a fresh new year is the perfect time to sit and start to think through all the changes and take charge of those that need to be corrected and to embrace those that are keeping me on the route to being on path.
I guess that life is a complicated thing overall and each of us are on a journey to be on path. Regardless of where you are on your journey to get on path you need to be able to enjoy the journey.  Today, wherever you are on your path,   keep going.  There is meaning and purpose in your journey, don’t forget to keep looking at where you are and what there is to be learned from that moment.  Let go of fear, let go of doubt, open yourself up to being on path!

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