Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Thanks for the Message

I think that the universe is trying to look out for me. I've definitely been going through a rough patch lately (yes, I know, you've heard this before) but I'm lost. I'm still confused as to what I want and how I get there, struggling with sadness and anger. But a funny thing has been happening lately. The universe is sending me messages! My horoscope has been so incredibly bang on lately that it defies logic. I read it daily and think "that's crazy". I don't even really believe in horoscopes and reading it is something that I've done since I was a kid mostly out of habit. But lately it has become almost scary! Recently my horoscope on a particularly bad day talked about David battelling Goliath and it read "But take heart. Even though you may feel like you've totally tired yourself out, and lost your spirit, and you want to give up, you will soon feel a wave of inspiration and the strength of mind and body to go with it. The heavens are looking out for you. Don't forget, dear Aries, that David won". Then today came an email, reminding me that the universe sends funny messages in all kinds of ways. I got the email from a friend, we'll just call her 'H' and tonight while saying prayers with her daughters she asked them if there was anyone special they wanted to include in tonight's prayers and her oldest daughter said "yes, Auntie Ana". When H asked why she said "I just want to ask God to look out for her". Thank you sweet girl for listening to the universe and for sending a prayer, I am filled with gratitude! You all know that I'm a deep believer in the universe and I try really hard to listen to the messages that the universe is sending me in order to help me be where I am supposed to be, so sending out a huge thank you to the universe for the prayers and the reminders that I am far stronger than the emotions that I am currently struggling with! Sending you all blessings tonight, thank you to all of you who continue to send me positive energy and beautiful prayers! Ana

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