Saturday, 13 October 2012

Rough Mommy Days - Or Are they???

I would like the email address of whoever it was who created Halloween!  What kind of a crazy person designs a holiday where kids get to get all spooked (read hyper) and dressed up and they get to inhale bags of candy (read hyper again)?  I'll tell you for sure that this holiday was created by a man who did not have children!  With absolute certainty, it wasn't created by the single mother of three boys!

Today started out as most Saturdays do for me when I have the boys.  We have a quiet breakfast, we go grocery shopping and we run errands.  However, today the minute those boys stepped into the Superstore and saw all the Halloween costumes, candies and decorations - that was it.  That was around 9am, it's currently 6pm and they are still hyper.

I love Halloween, I actually decorate the whole house; inside and out.  But the boys and I have a huge challenge that we face every year.  You see, I like Halloween, I appreciate the whole witches and ghost thing.  But I don't subscribe to the whole "blood and gore" aspect of Halloween.  I never let my eldest wear costumes that I thought were outside the realm of what I thought was appropriate (he keeps talking about a friends mom who is a Halloween control freak, but I think that really he's talking about me).  It has already started with Lucas, he wants to be something "scary" and I just don't like the what we have here is a Halloween standoff.  He refuses to want the costumes that I like and I refuse to buy the costumes that he likes.  I'm going to win this one...that little boy has no money and assuming that he would like to partake in the holiday then I'm going to have the last word. 

I'm trying to be patient, but I just looked up from writing my blog to see that the three year old has stripped down naked and drawn "tattoo's" all over his body.  God grant me the strength to get through Halloween, because when this holiday of candy infused craziness finally ends that other holiday is at our door; and I can't even begin to explain to you the craziness that ensues at my house during that particular holiday. 

The next three months will fly by, and there will be a lot of craziness but there will be many more beautiful memories made.  Time, as always, continues to bring my life more into focus.  The crazy comes with the great and this time of year for every moment of complete insanity there is a moment of perfect beauty and awe.  I'm looking forward to taking them all in stride; afterall I am a very proud tired mom.

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